Born & raised in Chicago; now I reside in the suburb of Streamwood, home of the BEST Veteran's Memorial in the state of Illinois. Served my country by joining (after receiving my draft notice) the US NAVY in June,1966. Stationed in Meridian, Miss.(Naval Air), Gulfport, Miss. (SeaBees), & finally, Keflavik Iceland (NATO-Naval Station). Honorably discharged, after 4 years, 1 month & 6 days active service.

I am proud that I am a Navy Vet!!

Me, 40+ years ago!!
(Chemical & Biological Warfare Specialist!   LOL!)

Me, about a 10 years ago!


I was a chaperone for my son's Junior History class from Bartlett High School, a couple of years ago.  We toured our nation's Capitol, Washington D.C.  I was lagging behind the class, taking pictures at Arlington National Cemetery, when Mr. Ed Becker was motioning me to hurry up & catch up to the group, as I came to the Memorial Amphitheater.  When I came up to him, he started telling me to remove my camera bag, I.D. tag....the class had chosen me to be one of four, to present a wreath before the Tomb of the Unknowns.

I was shocked & speechless!  I mumbled something to him ( I think I was trying to say "Thank you").  What a great honor had been bestowed on me!  Never in my wildest dreams have I ever thought of this!

I was shaking when we presented the wreath...

After we placed the wreath, we stepped back;

I snapped to attention & rendered a hand salute, to honor my fallen comrades, as the beginning notes of  "TAPS" were sounded on a bugle.  I know men aren't supposed to cry, but I had streams of tears flowing down my cheeks.


This picture was taken after the ceremony.  I was still in a bit of shock, unable to believe what had just happened:

THANK YOU, to Mr. Becker's Junior History class, 2002.  You will probably never know how you impacted me.



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As my "voices" reminded me....

I got a "Certificate" a while back:

I have "voices" in my head that sometimes take over......

I'm 'posta be takin' my meds, but that makes life too dull!

I have pet "kitty-katz" that OTHERS say ain't:

Sometimes, I do things that some say ain't nice......

I don't like "pancakes on Wednesday"; I like WAFFLES

(that's MY dog, GOO-Shu, & MY bird, JACKEER......some claim that they belong to others....)

Do you REALLY wanna know where I'm at??????

I am here to lend support to OUR TROOPS, wherever they are, & for their families.   


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